The Gratitude with the First Snowfall

The muffled sounds of voices
As they softly resonate in this winter wonderland
The snowy fluff sits piled high
Carefully balanced on each green leaf
Until the moment the weight
Gives way and each leaf shudders with the gathering flakes
I reflect on the past briefly and recollect
The numerous times I carved my own path
With each footstep in fresh snow
It is the long journey to this point in time
A smile forms on my lips
I know I endured, withstood, fought on
For the easy path is not always the valued choice
The serenity in this landscape finally
Brings the transition to completion
Tread without fear
Prosperity awaits your grand entrance
Hope and longing sit on the sidelines
Grasp your chance
Let us take the last steps together
To the new, the breathtaking landscapes
So pure and full of promise
The silvery glow of moonlit paths
The choices are endless and the passion intense
You brought your dreams to fruition
Reap the rewards
But remember the gratitude for the support
Warm tears return you to this place of humility
What I could not have achieved without you
The connection remains steadfast
It is my secret to divulge
This is my mysterious wonderland of joy.

Poem born on 3/02/2015 at 1:28 am.


For Your Sake

Show me something more profound
A dream that reaches to the beyond
Your effort just doesn’t cut it
The look in your eyes isn’t one of desperation
That tirade only enforces the thought
You have to mature beyond those years
See what there is to see
Grow past the antics and look outward
Your kindness isn’t what I seek
It isn’t enough to move my heart
Where is the power and the motivation?
Streaming down those eyes
Tears of regret get you nowhere
Commitment and dedication left long ago
I know your wings itch to fly
Reconsider what is important
You will surpass me, flying at mach speed
One day it will happen
Plant your feet on the ground
You’ll soon see when your wings are fully developed
How easily you will fulfil your own promise.

Poem born on 27/01/2015 at 14:11.

Follow the Footsteps

The echoes of the past
Nothing need overwhelm you
Your journey is taking another turn
The horizon in the distance
Is where you are headed
The path, as though swinging to and fro
Leads you to the options you give yourself
You hear the footsteps tap lightly
Following your every step
You past and future selves parallel
You will never feel the solitude you thought plagued your every move
As you continue on, you are guided
Trust in the balance
Poignant and true
Forgotten hope you once set aside
It shines as bright as the moon
Cast it from within
Let your strength be known
Let the hope fuel your purpose
Be the brilliant light to spread the wisdom
For when you feel fear
You will remember the sound of the footsteps.

Poem born on 08/12/2014 at 20:07.

From These Eyes

I reminisce about those days
Shining brightly as you glow
Basking in the moonlight
I travelled beyond time and space to grasp at the remaining moments of your existence
That second when we connected
The bittersweet ending we shared
As you faded into darkness
The warmth of your touch and the smoothness of your skin
I am left with that feeling
You urged me to plunge ahead
Continue living in this world carrying your memory with me
You are the brightest source of light to guide my way
We shared a love of this life
With smiles and laughter
Together we roamed the world
Our paths will cross again
We are eternally connected and the strength fused
I promise not to suffer.

Poem born on 15 November 2014 at 11:47.

The Unparalleled Spirit of Wonderment

People misunderstand the real me
We are all deeper than the surface we see
What does it mean to be unique?
Searching for the gap that separates you
Sometimes ignoring the awkward feelings that can consume you
As long as you are comfortable with who you are
As I continue to search, looking for that space where I belong
Forcing to change will cause panic
An unknown answer is not right or wrong
We will change naturally
As time passes
Uniqueness is not something to pursue
It is born from within you
With a love for it
Though I am uncertain now
The enlightenment will come
You may still misunderstand me
But I will eventually understand myself
No worries, it doesn’t matter
Just watch and you’ll soon have the clarity
Believe, that is all it will take.

Poem born on 10/08/2014 at 01:46.

The Soft Glow of Nostalgia

Remember those nostalgic days
When we used to chase after our dreams
With an innocence that was so pure
The potential of our abilities only starting
We were shining like those summer days
So bright and blinding, full of energy
Sometimes we can fall
Clumsiness can be a drag
But hey, it lets us stop and evaluate our lives
Brush yourself off
What seems so frightening to make that change
Think about the new adventure ahead
Trust yourself and you will know
No matter how much you try to ignore it
You know yourself best
You’re so bright, I can see the radiating glow
It is warm with the smiles and laughter
Accumulated over the years
Even those tears have a warmth
When someone picked you up as you were down
Follow the path
Carve your own
Run along the grass
It is up to you
Work within yourself
To believe.

Poem born on 02/08/2014 at 11:08.

Time to Follow Your Instincts

The grand finale is set to begin
This fantasy comes to a close soon
Ready and mindful of the limits
Forget the reality
Set your sights on who loves you
Stop grasping at the hope
Face what is there, head on
Charge through and burst
With an explosion of renewed passion
Leave those vulnerabilities behind
It’s my choice
Only I can write the polyphonic music
The theme song of my life
I can do it, you can do it
Dress for the occasion
With the ceremony of it all
Go, break through
We can surpass those clouds
And reach the space of victory.

Poem born on 02/08/2014 at 10:29.